You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi



Envisioning a World Where Organizations & Charitable Programs Collaborate to Create MAXIMUM SOCIAL VALUE

We are unlike any other Social Enterprise you know. Our #1 goal is Social Purpose; by creating beneficial value from organizations unwanted surplus and obsolete assets to support charitable and social programs in our communities.

Through the development of our shared value partnerships with not-for-profit organizations, we help businesses turn unwanted products and equipment into much-needed funding and gift-in-kind donation opportunities.

This helps reduce waste, supports good-will programming and generates exceptional triple bottom line results.

Learn more to tap into our innovation for supporting social impact.

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The Time is always right, to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.



Ethos Assets is a SOCIAL VALUE Generator that Helps Businesses of All Types – REPURPOSE, RECYCLE REINVEST their Unwanted Excess Products and Assets into SOCIAL IMPACT initiatives.

Step 1

Take a look around your Business, Warehouse, Shop and Home for any unwanted surplus or obsolete assets. If you are not sure what may qualify, contact us here so we can help.

Step 2

Connect with us, to properly repurpose the unique value of all those unwanted assets to support charitable & social programs in your community and throughout the world.

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Turn all that unwanted surplus and obsolete assets into donations and fundraising opportunities for charities & non-profits. Let us show you how to benefit and recoup the immobile value in a socially responsible way.



Everything has value — whether it’s reusable, recyclable or donated value. Benefit from our years of experience in identifying materials & products unique value, that would otherwise be trashed to reduce waste.



Gain through the benefits of a positive charitable partnership by reinvesting into social impact, our communities, and yourself. Exceptional Social Responsibility branding and Triple Bottom Line results generated for you.



A Shared Value Win-Win! Through our charitable partnership strategies, innovative gift-in-kind donation and fundraising programs; both Businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations gain in the mutual benefits!

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller.



What We Do

For Charities & Non-Profits

We created Ethos Assets to help the people who are bettering our world. We are passionate about our devoted work supporting thousands of Charities, Foundations, and Non-Profits with our innovative services.

  1. Sponsorship & Fundraising Development
  2. Consultancy & Strategic Planning
  3. Gift-In-Kind Donation Management
  4. Gift-In-Kind Donation Appraisal Services
  5. Marketing & Community Campaign Strategies
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Ethos Assets - Supporting Charties & Non-Profits
Ethos Assets - Corporate Social Responsibility

For Businesses & Individuals

Think philanthropy doesn’t make a difference to your bottom line? At Ethos Assets, we know it has a significant impact, and we have developed several unique Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic tools that can benefit your business.

  1. Charitable & Non-Profit Partnerships
  2. Social Value Branding, Marketing & Taxation
  3. Asset & Gift-in-Kind Donation Management
  4. Convert Unwanted Assets Into Social Purpose Funding
  5. Recycling  & Waste Reduction Solutions
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How We Work


At Ethos Assets, we understand value. With over 25 years in the Commercial, Financial Services and Personal Property market place, we make appraisals very easy. Everything has value, and we are the experts in understanding it and knowing how to use it, whether it is Reusable, Recycled, or Repurposed value.

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Auctions are still one of the most popular ways to sell equipment and unwanted assets quickly. For us, it’s so much more than just a sale: it’s our way of creating opportunities for businesses and non-profits to collaborate together and support the communities we all work and live in.

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Sales Events

For supporting clients who are faced with unwanted surplus and products, our specialized talents are unlike any in the industry. Our sales events/liquidation solutions are centred around our unique Corporate Social Impact strategies, which generate exceptional Triple Bottom Line results for your business.

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Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek



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Clients Love Us


We have known Tom for a couple of years, and although we have not done anything directly at this point , he has been a huge help with his expertise. He is very knowledgeable and has been more than happy to offer his help when we have asked. I highly recommend him to any charity or corporation looking to work with him.
Ellen Campbell, CEO & Founder, Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness
Tom’s concept of using surplus corporate assets to build resources for non-profit social benefit is both unique and inspiring. He’s been able to combine both his passion and his expertise to really make a difference in our world
Kevin Smith, Impact Assured Business Services
Tom is an energetic, disciplined person with an abundance of energy. He is an excellent group player and knows how to delegate tasks with tact and humour. Tom is loyal to a project he undertakes and is very determined once he takes on a task.
Jerome Stanleigh, Litigation and Writer
Tom always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism. Tom’s quality of work was among the best in the industry. Tom’s best qualities would be his knowledge and organization levels. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Tom again in the future.
Craig Martin, Apex Inspections
Tom is top notch when it comes to appraisals, auctions, liquidations and helping companies to re-purpose their unwanted surplus and assets. He is also one of the finest human beings out there and always goes the extra mile for all his customers. Tom is one of the most genuine and ethical people I know and I applaud him for finding a unique way to help support charities along the way
Ken Wells, IED Web Marketing

Use your unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

Lailah Gifty Akita



Generating positive impact by supporting our clients, communities, and environment in a socially responsible manner is our #1 goal.

Unwanted Assets Repurposed
Tons of Surplus & Equipment Recycled
Very Happy Clients
Coffees & Espressos
Assets Managed, Recovered & Repurposed



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